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Month: December, 2012

a Bondi Gem

I thought that working as a full time assistant manager in a retail store would give me time to relax. Partially true BUT when that store’s busiest period happens to be the Christmas season which just so happens to be a month before you leave and you’re barely packed and you so happen to have many different cliques that want to see you before your departure and a demanding family, well RDO’s become obligatory day of rushed catch ups that I try to make sentimental once of course I try and get some rest. The operative being ‘try’.

I was so happened to be blessed with a gem of these days 2 weeks ago, on a sunny Sydney Sunday I had to day off and 3 plans…. Museum loitering, Bondi beach or watching my male friend’s pole dancing performance…. No not with his own pole.

The plan that prevailed was the one for a lunch and Bondi beach with a dear friend whom I hadn’t seen in a long time… October 13 to be precise, the night of the Maroon 5 concert.  She and I enjoy good meals and as I find out the beach!

Lunch was at a little Chinese place not far from Paddy’s markets called Crazy Wings. Chinese barbeque wings on skewers along with other delectable meat pieces on sticks like chicken hearts, livers and lamb.


deliciously spiced up chicken wings courtesy of Crazy Wings


get into it!

After lunch we made our way to the beach and it wasn’t until our bus came down the hill and we got our first glimpse of the famous Bondi Beach, that I hadn’t been there in over 5 years! And I only live an hour or so away by public transport. The day couldn’t be more perfect, the sun was out but the temperamental weather meant that the beautiful golden stretch of sand wasn’t overcrowded with towels and babes and boys many of which had tanned skin riddled with tattoos.


If you ever have the chance do yourself a favour and visit Bondi.


the water was perfect.

The sun made me lazy, too lazy to trek back into the city to shake some dollars at my best mate as he shimmied down a metal pole (which I am positive he has taken offence to my lack of commitment to the friendship, for which I apologise for).


jump in! the water’s great


slip! slop! slap! getting black-er



So here are some snapshots of me being lazy on the beach and dipping in the famous Bondi surf. Many of these images have been taken on the Olympus uTough of my iphone


oh and yes, Merry Christmas everybody.



Mid Winter City Strolls and Family dinners.

One of my favourite nights with my family in the middle of the year. Yes I have something in me that is taken by the wind and so I forced my family, with the help of a bottle of red and white wine ( maybe 4) we ended up at the water park


IMG_5943 IMG_5961 IMG_6028IMG_6029

enjoy some of the happy snaps