there goes the phoenix, with coffee coursing through his veins

Month: January, 2013

to be young and wild and free


Celebratilns never really end after Christmas. Here’s the cake table of a 6th year old party. Theres cake, cupcakes, cakepops and lolly bags! did I take a lolly bag when offered. Hell Yea! never pass up the offer of free candy




M for Magic


despedida, to farewell. Upon my imminent journey to South Africa, my mother’s maternal instincts are kicking in. Her emotions are polarized. One end is excited and proud for me the other holds nothing but fear of the many types of dangers that I may encounter whilst over there. She demands perfection and precision, who else would cook a majestic spread for dinner whilst asking everyone to dress nicely simply because she can? Yes she will, And whilst this is but a portion of the dinner that she had made as a small despedida for me, it never fails to astound me as to what she has in the kitchen. It is most certainly her domain, where I see fridge and microwave, she sees tools needed to make feasts! M is for magical, maternal and mother. And no one, not even a kitchen full of elves cooking for a castle of young hungry wizard and witches can compete with my mothers talents.


try keeping your shirt clean whilst eating! There was also home made mango ice-cream ( and yes there is proof) but I don’t want you licking your computer screens


Sydney, my love and my home



Still recovering from the antics of my NYE with my family, I seized the opportunity to hit the city of Sydney. I live maybe an hour’s commute away from the centre of Sydney and despite the trains that rattle with dark blue seats covered in graffiti tags, I always enjoy the trip into the city. I suppose I’ll dedicate a whole separate blog for the day that happened as it was jam packed but the image below was my goal for the day,


that is to fully appreciate the city that has raised me. No matter where the wind takes me, I will always smile fondly back at the white arches of the Sydney Opera House and the iconic Harbour Bridge.



Here I present the start of my second year of project 365



Ryan Atwood ‘ you know what they say? How you spend New Years Eve is how you’ll spend the next year’. Yes trashy teenage dramas that I dotted on could be the reason I yearn for romantic New Years Eve celebrations.

Well it didn’t happen. Rather I spent it with family and if this picture is anything to go by… Well my 2013 is supposed to be a blur of smiles and food.

Here’s to another new year