M for Magic

by .Kenny.Khronicles.


despedida, to farewell. Upon my imminent journey to South Africa, my mother’s maternal instincts are kicking in. Her emotions are polarized. One end is excited and proud for me the other holds nothing but fear of the many types of dangers that I may encounter whilst over there. She demands perfection and precision, who else would cook a majestic spread for dinner whilst asking everyone to dress nicely simply because she can? Yes she will, And whilst this is but a portion of the dinner that she had made as a small despedida for me, it never fails to astound me as to what she has in the kitchen. It is most certainly her domain, where I see fridge and microwave, she sees tools needed to make feasts! M is for magical, maternal and mother. And no one, not even a kitchen full of elves cooking for a castle of young hungry wizard and witches can compete with my mothers talents.


try keeping your shirt clean whilst eating! There was also home made mango ice-cream ( and yes there is proof) but I don’t want you licking your computer screens