22nd + the Swiss Colour Run Sydney.

by .Kenny.Khronicles.

a special day in project 365. MY BIRTHDAY 22 and doing the Swiss Colour Run. Again over analysing everything I did it because I’ve always had trouble staying within the lines while colouring in as a child. As an adult I’ve always entertained the thought of pushing my own limits as well as that of others. at (9 am I was at the starting point and to be honest I was disappointed at the lack of creativity I saw from the crowd. yes there was the obligatory tutus but seriously I was the only one to hairspray my hair white?? it didn’t stay that way for too long.

My family are slow joggers so I just power walked. Yes I tasted talcum powder in my mouth and the worst part was blowing your nose and purple coloured snot came out. Rolling in the orange station seemed like a good idea except I forgot it was on a road. There may be a bruise developing over my right knee. Enjoy the photos and watch me and my family go from pure white to walking rainbows!

my scream happy face!

my family is a blank canvas waiting to be coloured in


best 22nd… really my only 22nd

it was then back home for a feast but I was dead tired and me falling asleep may have caused some dramas but hey its my party and I’ll cry if i want to!