Jetlag VS normal life

by .Kenny.Khronicles.

This is the worst jetlag that I have ever had. Yes I normally don’t sleep at night anyhow but it was moreso the urge to pass out at atbou 11-1 in the morning! i had to grab some shut eye or a good walk. It may just be that life isn’t as face paced as tour which is what I like but wow! this was insane. anyway shall we continue into Feb??


these 2 being a constant figure in my life were the first of my friends that I had seen.

‘happiness only real when shared’ – alex supertramp



I had this baby on layaway before leaving and to be honest I wasn’t overly keen on getting it and the only reason I did was because it had a copy of the final script in it.


I believe in America




back to work and of this is what I’m greeted with. the amount of people that I am supposed to have looked like is getting ridiculous. Bruno Mars, Temper Trap’s lead singer, Will.I.Am. and now Ketut?  Guess I gotta go get my

Rhonda now right?



Like a sunrise



a barrage of birthdays have been upon me this month but very few mean alot. the 8th is one of those. I even gave wrapping pressies a go

Pretty birds on a string.


that damn jetlag. no TGIF for me… more of a Fri-DEAD.






scrapbooking. not much to my Saturday nights.


yay! catching up