wk2 of tour

by .Kenny.Khronicles.

It should be illegal to even think that this all happened not more than a fortnight ago. and look we’re almost half way through February! Anyway here’s a quick peek at the last week of tour.  and its catching me up with project 365 which means I can get on to writing right??


The last day we spent in Capetown was our last day so I spent it the same way I would as though I was leaving Sydney. I wandered through the city visiting museums. FIrst there was the slave lodge that detailed the slave history of South Africa. It was a good insight into the country as well as the trials and tribulations that South Africa has endured throughout its history.  Walking in the shade of the colonial buildings in the Company Gardens with the intention of hitting up the planetarium when a sudden urge to pee hit me and took me to National Gallery of  South Africa which was no help  anyway because the toilet was all the way on the other side. My short attention span was tested as I rushed past the sculptures and painting trying not to answer the call of nature until i got to the urinal. My bladder relieved of the pressure, I decided to take my time  admiring the paintings and the Nether Man nor Stone exhibition.

When nature calls step into a museum


a late last night in Cape Town, followed by a 4am drive to catch a plane to Jo’burg to board a bus to drive up towards Blyde River Canyon. It was a long day indeed, and may have included someone throwing up on the plande BEFORE IT had moved resulting in the rest of us collapsing into giggling fits. Did I mention that this person was sitting in the window seat with a pregnant lady beside him? No it wasn’t me and the best part was that he tried to justify it with ‘ it was the doxy’ . cue more laughter.  We reached out destination and I give you a terribly blurred photo of the lodge we stayed in. It because both my phone and camera were full and I wasn’t able to take a picture til right up at the end of the evening.

Swadini A forever Resort.


main event of the day is kloofing ( google it!) basically hiking by a river down stream and jumping into it off cliffs at certain points.  Here we were stopped to chill just under a waterfall. at the end, after the 11m cliff jump our spontaneous guide led teh adventurous few into a jog through the forest. there was just barely a path covered in rocks and marula fruit just fermenting.  the unsteady ground forced you to keep thinking on what your next step would be but you could not contemplate whether you were about to roll and break an ankle. It was exilhirating and to come out in a small village that was framed by the lush green cliffs of the Blyde River canyon!

Thinking time


Goodbye Blyde River Canyon and hello Kruger National Park.  the day had quite a few stops where in the scenery was stunning and perfectlyu worthy to be the photo of the day, this blurry shot taken on my Olympus of a lioness on our safari drive was such a breathaking moment for me. I love lions to see 3 lionesses and a male lion in the wild walking not more thatn 5 metres from me, I just lost it. Only managed to take this photo and continued to watch in awe as the Lion King Sountrack played in my head.

‘pinned ya again’
yes that is a toy lion in the foreground.


full day game drive for the last day of the tour… and whilst the countless zebras, giraffes, waterbucks and kudus were nice to watch. the last sunset was my favourite moment of the day

I will be back


On the way to the airport and the toilet at the gas station had stunning panaramic view. in the field I spotted a pair of rhinos, ostriches, warthogs and believe it or not an emu! I’m not ready to leave this country.



again it was a day of goodbye’s which I resent. I will always prefer arrividerci because I will see the people I have spent the last 4 weeks with again…eventually. the Flight home was a tease, I had been waiting to watch Samsara when I got home and boom! its on the list of movies on the Qantas inflight entertainment but naturally they managed to fuck up. Apart frmo delaying our flight home this fault in the entertainment system meant that only a select number of movied could be played…naturally Samsara was not chose. Oh well. Back home a shower, corn rows out and shaved off the dirty mo, now I kind of look back to normal.


back to reality

and there you have it folks. My 4 amazing weeks in South Africa as told by the photos for the Project 365. I’ll try and get to specific events and moments of the trip that got to me once I’m up to date with the project. I’ve had a week of bad jetlag where I wanna fall asleep at work but there is most definitely something that has changed in me because of the trip.