Unexpected bus rides, lonely HEarts and quiet Friday nights

by .Kenny.Khronicles.

Ok, So I’m attempting to go back to a normal routine but South Africa refuses to let me forget it. Here is more of Project 365


nothing was out of the ordinary today, except for the fact that due to rain in the evening I was forced to catch the bus. Such an interesting story right?! Well it is seeing as I hadn’t caught this particular bus since high school and it bought back a school bag full of memories.

high school daze


ok so since returning from South Africa, I did notice a change with my perspective on things. Mainly that I didn’t care so much for materialistic things as much as I used to. This deeply concerned my close friends as they knew superfical I can be and obsessed with clothes and just spending money in general. It still is kind of still me, except now I can appreciate things alot more. Case in point, my coworkers go me Gucci Guilty intense for men and mmmmm it smells good! And it was all I spoke about before going to Africa.

its a criminal offence to smell this good


still attempting to undo my room and keep it as bare as possible! there just isn’t enough time… Need to make some executive decisions.

sorting through my shit.


Just another day in the year except today people think that spending a ridiculous amount of money on roses, chocolate, sexy lingerie and when the condoms shelves are empty at the pharmacy. Single again this year, and I really wouldn’t have it any other way… can’t really explain it seeing as to how romantic my thoughts can be at times. I may already have a perfect proposal outlined in my head already. Which is why the photo of a hand woven ring and bracelet is the photo of the day, no I don’t love myself, i love meeting new people. In this case it was a skinny man with a head full of blonde dreadlocks, bright eyes and a leathery looking skin ( probably from being at the beach everyday)  topped off with a British accent. His name was Simon and to say South Africa seduced him is an under statement. He used to live in England now he travels Africa and makes necklaces using techniques that locals teach him.

a reminder that South Africa did indeed happen… kind of like Leo’s inception spinner thingo.


a quiet one for a Friday and another birthday gift. She told me she wasn’t sure if I’d still like it considering how different is seemed. Nope still the same. Loved the whole set! She got it while on her cruise to New Zealand. muchos gracias senorita!

she knows me oh so well.


for some reason today’s photo was supposed to be of the birthday dinner I attended but while the food was great, the company was average so I bailed and ducked into my favourite cafe.

where thinkers drink… and write.