Weekend’s off aren’t really weekends off

by .Kenny.Khronicles.





another week down! another week til I travel to America! which recent revelations showed me that my visa allows me to travel 30days before and after the program ends!! so if I get my affairs in order… I’ll be in California for 2 weeks! * cue the OC theme song!*



many of these quotes I’ll put up will most likely be from a man named Carlos Andres Gomez.  Poet, writer, social worker and a figure I like to look up to for his fierce honesty that has allowed him to write his book Man Up! Cracking the code on Manhood which exposes the vulnerability and beauty within men by retelling his own personal experiences of growing up with trying to be the man society wants him to be instead of be the man that he knows he should be. The creativity in the way he takes subjects from corporate corruption, sexualisation of girls, the education system to that of heartbreak and romance completely inspires me to be more proactive in my life and is a steadfast reminder that I am enough.

Rose Petal by Carlos Andres Gomez


ok so my parents came back from Singapore today and as they do they got me something. Which I do truly appreciate the gesture of a t-shirt but I think Im all tee-ed out this one was awesome.

they got us all interactive t-shirts which is sensitive to sound is yes battery operated and while my muscially talented sister and my dad got t-shirts with volume bars and my mum got one with a phone saying call me I got the one that has a loading bar and says well… you can see for yourself. I’m not slow! my mind just runs at a pace too fast for itself to even comprehend so we could be talking about whats for dinner and i could ask you ‘ if polar bears has cousins would those cousins eat orangers and lychees for dinner or would they have it as a snack?’ . Why you ask? I’ve been trying to figure it out myself.

I’m now slow im just… let me get back to you on that one


Today was a long day of stocktake! yay! so none stop counting candles, tealights, oil burners, vases and flowers without tags! what do I do for work? figure it out 🙂

Although through all this sorting a daisy would have been when my friend dropped by and gave me a late bday pressie! now I have a habit of talking to strangers, this one happened to be in one of my uni classes, she had long dark hair, a California accent and a great personality! We’ve always had good yarns although haven’t hung out as much as our schedules wished we did.

contents: a cake pop and a gift card. I hear Luna Rossa or Champion wants to live next to Allure, Guilty and YSL L’omme


a good catch up coffee at Coco Cubano. Very interesting events indeed. And despite having dinner and dessert at home I managed cheesecake with the less than average peppermint tea I was served. I was never this hungry while i was in Africa


Coco Cubano, Rouse Hill.


Went into uni to pick up my course notes ( which because I’m doing it externally it actually got delivered to my house so I now have 2 copies one of which I can’t return coz its course notes! or shoule that be curse notes?) Ahh well, I also went in for a meeting with ISV recruiters in preparation for  O-week next week. The tour book? Had a lovely girl help me out with prices of flight to America and tours… I think I can do better than what she showed me.

I’ve read one cover to cover the other one I ‘forgot’ was there


HAPPY (failed) SURPRISE BIRTHDAY TO MY DAD! he knew that family was waiting at the restaurant and practically saw them seeing as the restaurant had floor to ceiling windows. And he turned to look at my sister who was walking slowly in an effort to hide his cake. the look on her face when he turned around was priceless! And we did things his way, matching interactive t-shirts and smiles. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA!

yup were that family that coordinates costumes as much as we can. What of it?


what more birthday parties? well thats what the first few months of the year are like for me. This time it was a MARIO PARTY! ( yep I was loving that pun) well alot of the people copped out and just wore blue or green. Not I or her, thankfully I met a Mario ( Maria?) at the party! Now to find my Peach? ahhh Prufrock how you’ve ruined Mario for me.



today was another party, this time with people from church. it was another shindig for my dad. While at my aunts house I found this mask and it reminded me…I NEED TO GO TO ITALY AND BASK IN THE FESTIVITIES OF THEIR IL CARNIVALE! its on the hit list.

Commedia Dell’arte