Seeing beauty in the ordinary.


In an attempt to kick myself into a healthy lifestyle I took on the Insanity program… i did the fitness test and then 2 days after and I’ve already fallen off the bandwagon. I mean I enjoyed dripping with sweat and motivating my sister ( yep its a sibling thing!) but truth be told Shawn T yelling at me to climb the mountain and then ski down just made me delirious.  I’ll see if I can get to day 3, otherwise I’m just goin to get on my bike…literally. Here’s my result from the fitness test.




OK so i didn’t take this today but it was sent to me by one of the most beautiful people I know! It made me miss Africa (then again what doesn’t these days?). This particular day of volunteering, we were mixing cement in cramped side of Priscilla’s creche. Now this creche is situated in the township so there wasn’t much of a breeze coming through and the sun was hot. Here I am dripping in sweat and water that’s been doused on me. Yes I’ll pretend to hate mixing cement but I did truly enjoy the work.



O-week at Macquarie University and whilst I’m volunteering as a student representative for ISV I indulged in some of the novelties of my last o-week. Here I sampled some bush tucker… the purple things are lilipilllies and they had quite a juicy taste. So hopefully I don’t find myself in an Alexander Supertramp or Bear Grylls situation, I hopefully can find and recognise some of these in the Australian outback.



I had a godmother in Japan? I probably met her at my baptism 22 years ago and she’s my mother’s friend from back in their high school days. Now she lives in Japan and through the wonderful help of technology she and my mother have re connected and she sent over a goodie package of Japanese clothes…. although personally I preferred the sweet letter she sent over to me. Mostly because it it had a chocolate theme to it



new month, new read. and this time its from another fellow Volunteer, yes she is pretty flipping accomplished! honours student and won  a writing competition to get her book published. Get onto reading My Nova by A.J Conway.



uni well and truly kicks in. I’m studying rocks and stuff. Its mildly interesting.



my work is getting a refit. see yo