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Month: April, 2013

Eat. Drink. Reset and go

So i tell myself that here comes another unrelenting hectic week. But I should know by now this is never the case.


So begins my internship and the company was lovely enough to stock us bloggers up with chocolates, energy drinks and stationary. They sure know my wants and needs.



You are more than welcome to judge me but hey I can’t help it if the market puts them on special! DON’T JUDGE til you’ve had this delicious chooclate and biscuit morsel! and the dark blue packet ( double coat) is my favourite! Anyhow they aren’t for me I’m sending them overseas to family so I’m a  good kid. whats your favourite tim tam? And if you haven’t had one then make it a priority!



nothing calms me down more than instant coffee with a dash of amarula! that delicious African liqueurs go down a treat after a tom fuckery day of work and hours waiting in an ER with terrible customer service.   Image


yet another long day of interviews and work. Its all getting to me. Britney shaves her head under stress. I just happen to throw on my necklaces from Africa. Its kind of my amulet against breaking down I suppose. Image


I called this a feast but we know that’s a lie, this was but a mini get together among family. you can see fish cocktails, tofu stir fry, noodles, chicken and eggs and rice. Oh and dessert was even better but I devoured it before I could even begin to snap away at it.



all dressed up an nowhere to go. I was supposed to go to the city for a birthday dinner but due to inclement weather, an indecisive personality and piling amounts of uni catch up I ended up at home wearing one of my favourite jackets. Image


endings the week with taking the sis and mama out for sushi and movies and Max B. The Croods was a great film! Although I did want a realistic ending but thats just a sign that I’ve grown up 😦


until next week lovers



Runway, Sidewalk, Perfume: Italian Summer

a week filled with composts + daisies.

a quarter of the way through the year.


paying for singing along (badly, might I add)  to the Script with a raspy voice. Working in retail where I have to constantly talk does not help either. So to help I’ve brought out my Tigger mug which has served me well ( and its is its first appearance in this year’s project!) . In its depths is earl grey, a dash of milk and a teaspoon of honey. Road to recovery but totally worth every second singing along to every song


It was the boss lady’s birthday yesterday, and in true to our early morning Tuesday traditions, we had out coffees but she got her flowers, little does she know I’ve organised more birthdays pressies throughout the week 🙂


Had a spectacular day today, with finalizing my uni subjects, roaming the inside of the Art Gallery of NSW and ending with advanced screenings to Warm bodies. Which to be completely honest I thought was a terrible concept for a movie. It deeply saddened me to see Nicholas Hoult do a movie that was clearly trying to attract that tween audience. these were my inital thoughts on the film. After seeing it? AMAZING! all i can say is… ‘bitches man’


good luck runs out eventually right? After what was a glorious day yesterday, today was everything but that, and its starts with  breaking your favourite pair of el cheapo rayban knock offs. Then its finding out about clashes between work and uni schedules. Then conlficts in friendships. then obstacles in apartment room mates for America. All this yes i complain about but I always remind myself on the positive. I have a job. I have opportunities. I now have sun in my eyes ( well this last one does get to me a little bit)


The dangers of workinng with candles. This particular one had apparently been too close under the a light globe and so had begun to melt because of the heat. When I took it down for a customer, well you can see what happened. Holding back the cuss words that wanted to escape my mouth was a challenge. Though it didn’t really hurt, more caught me by surprise.


the only way to spend a Saturday night! A study bender! I’ve begun mind mapping and collecting material for the short posts I’ll be writing for the internship I begin come this Monday!  Reliving memories is so good and yet so painful at the same time! I can still feel the south westerly wind that blows of an evening through Cape Town. Still feel the humidity of Malaysia and recall my nephews arms wrapped  around me in a hug as we welcomed in the new year!


What better way to end a Sunday after work with your sister surprising you with a chipmunk onesie. Appropriately so as it can potentially be a character I end up being whilst on the Disney International Program. I am ( read as was) onesies despite being well known for my love of costumes. I thought they were extremely immature, pointless and inconvenient if you needed to go t the bathroom. My veiws have then since changed, they are ridiculously comfortable and ideal for winter! Now it begs to ask the question do I need to bring this with me overseas???

can you believe that I’m actually on time with this?! clearly its a sign that I’m slacking in the uni studies. gotta get back to them

much love


Keiko Mecheri Launch – Photo Report

The Fragrant Man

Keiko Mecheri is a Japanese American who studied Fine Arts, travelled the world and then started her own Perfume House. The Auckland launch was at World Beauty.

Keiko has never heard of the perfume term EDT, let alone the word cologne. The range is opulent, rich and EDP++.

Oliban was rapturous, Damascena a delight, and Cuir Cordoba was sexy bordering on promiscuous. The stand-out of an outstanding range was Isles Lointaines which is indeed la isla bonita of perfume. Alas no Vetiver Velours reached these shores. I have no comment on Mulholland simply because it left no impression. Though maybe it will impress you.

Cedar wood
Damask rose

Tahitian tiare
Rose absolute

Cuir Cordoba
Black violet
Suede accord

Isles Lointaines
Rose absolute

Petit grain

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When we’re old and grey and in the future these will be the good ol days!



APRIL FOOL’S + HAPPY EASTER MONDAY! public holiday and I struggled to complete an assignment but it had to done. its been done and dusted and now to eat dem chocolate eggs!





YAY my police check came in! so another step closer to Disney! And I can let the mouse boss know that I am no criminal





Another YAY! now today’s shot was supposed to be of sushi but my phone refused to co operate and so it instead became a shot of my favourite type of Easter egg! those filled with peppermint! its one of my favourite sweets! I NEED A SMART PHONE STAT!




pay day and new music… yes I still buy CDs what of it? actually I would have used iTunes if i had a reason to do so! But Josh Groban’s all that echoes is much lighter with regards to the emotional content of the album as opposed to illuminations. It still and OK album but i feel it just echoes the success of its predecessor  Love is just a 4 letter word on the other hand is is a great album! the lyrics I connect with and that s a big thing for me, so maybe I just need to listen to All that Echoes one few more times, it could be one of those things that grow on you. Image


Friday Night Fright Night is brought to you buy Daniel Radcliffe in the Woman in Black, a jumpy ass movie! but not as jumpy as my sister got when it finished and we watched River Monsters and they were in the Amazon and did a little feature on the giant bird eating spider. She was buried in her pink blanket curled up in a ball hands covering her eyes and peeking to see if they stopped showing the spider



HA! they didn’t think I would make it! But i did make it to an outing to the Bavarian Bier Cafe followed by dope ass games of pool at the Woolpack! I need chilled nights like this more often. Image



It was fate that led me to this magical night! like something out of Irish folklore. i had missed pre sale tickets and all that were left were nosebleed seats. then through the magic of Facebook someone was giving away tickets to the Script. Being only a few feet away as Danny spun and sung and drank on stage with the rest of the boys as I sang along to every song ( out of tune mind you and straight into the girls ear beside me)  I lost my voice, but it was worth it. To relive the heart ache of past relationships only to know that I was singing those blues away with The Script was insane! Totally dedicated another post separately to this. 


So I drowned memories I want to forget in uni, work and assignments, let it out in a concert where the bass ran through my bones and my ears wouldn’t stop ringing once I got home. It was worth it. Hope this week has been good to y’all 

much love


Not being a criminal means you get sent to uni on your weekend off at work.




and so the week begins and I’m still struggling without a smart phone. the convenience of snap, filter and upload is killing me! But anyway, its time for dinner and some dessert with a friend with whom I have a bti of history with. In fact half my life really. We ended up at N2 a gelato joint just where China Town meets Darling Harbour and not far from Dance God danceteria and they have a great markeing concept. Different gelato flavors made then and there in front of you in a lab inspired set up!


does the food in my life never end? I am always forever grateful for the creativity of people who can cook amazing spreads for no particular reason at all, one of those people being my mother. We’re both touch as nails and her stubbornness is most definitely a genetic trait in me. Despite all that she is always a wonderfully maternal ( as you would hope) cook!

mmmm seafood


FINALLY! I applied for this a while back as part of the DICP and after haggling with terrible customer service by the AFP I finally got them to get their shit together and send my criminal check out to me. I am no criminal yay! But honestly the long waiting times on the phone, the lack of warmth from their representative was annoying, not even a hi.


one of my memorable night outs was last year when I saw Les Mis live! but before, Parramatta had their lane ways events where the laneways were filled with little cafes, deck chairs, musicians on remodeled tram and at the end of the rainbow a pop up bar with cocktails in jam jars, whats cooler than that? Their business cards were on playing cards. yup my kind of evening. Oh the bar is called Grasshoppers and its in the city somewhere wedged between a few buildings, can’t remember where though, still have to visit it  again.


ok so this isn’t the orinal post I have for this day because it has my mother’s name and a few medical details I thought twice. basically she had day surgery and I went to see her in the evening after work, She’s doing just fine , still in a bit of pain but giver her her smart phone and facebook and she should be good. Addiction to smart phones and Facebook would be another genetic trait between her and I



what better way to spend your weekend off at work then to attend classes at university? I suppose thats’ what I get for doing an external unit. I shouldnt complain, some people in the class had come from interstate so I wasn’t really complaining. It was actually quite enjoyable and the uni wasn’t overrun with first years wearing hipster clother that made them look poor when in fact they had paid an arm and a leg for a singlet that looked worn and torn. downside, most of the food court was shut down


So after finishing today’s uni session ( YES BOTH SATURDAY AND SUNDAY) i jumped on a bus and went to attend Palm Sunday mass in Parramataa, last week of the Holy season.

Palm Sunday Processino in Parramatta

thanks again for reading, this week was fairly un eventful



being thrown into the Stone age! No iphone :(


DISASTER! so my phone has been cracked up real bad on account that I’d dropped it several times but surprisingly the iphone was still in good working order, just had to activate the touch assist! But what eventually got to it was the battery, just refused to charge. Now coming back from South Africa I was content with reminding myself that I was better off, but no smart phone and I feel like I’m back in the stone age! I’m waiting til the Samsung to come out… so a month with no twitter, instagram, 8tracks, the fancy or facebook on the go for this boy. Image


checked out Jurassic Lounge where the Australian Museum in Sydney opens its doors up after dark. Its one of my favourite places to walk between the skeletons and fossils and I was really hoping to have a chilled night. Which was so so, there was a silent disco on a corner of the top level, a flash dance waltz at 8 o’clock which really was me prancing around with a girl around others who were pretending to be polite. Image


a day off and I spent it in the city again, this time to check out yet another museum. the MCA, whilst I am not a fan of the new exterior the artwork provides some sort of consolation. the current artist on show is Anish Kapoor and most of his sculpture play with out sense of perception. Image


Got the chest mount for my GOPRO as a late birthday gift from my sister. Can’t wait to use it!Image


studying with these two always result in some ridiculous shenanigans. Being in a remodelled basement that used to be a sex dungeon did not help either. Image


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPIDER MAN! He grows up so fast, no blood relation just another family friend but I love just watching him run around and interacting with whatever is in his head. Half the time he jumps around as a secret ninja cross spiderman and makes up songs. It won’t be long til he’s in big school.


He’s been flying around for work, so its always good to have the old man home for a few days before he flies out again.


Sunday Sundaes, Birthdays and cheap Palladium kicks


Study sessions in the backyard. I find I study best in fresh air, a scented candle and a sunset.



I love smart phones and how they offer en endless buffet of apps to assist in the art of procrastination. This time its photobooth  time after dinner instead with mi hermanaImage6.3.13

After 5 years of working my work got new floors and new doors. I’ve been here for too long!!Image


The free blurb photo book thatnks to Fatmumslim and Instagram, oh how I miss this app…. you’ll understand when I put up the post for next week’s Project 365!



A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little chipmunk cheeked sister. Image


picked up some pretty sweet palladium kicks at the market stalls that got set up at uni today.



Sundaes on Sundays to continue celebrating the sister’s birthday. Nut ‘n’ Fancy.