being thrown into the Stone age! No iphone :(

by .Kenny.Khronicles.


DISASTER! so my phone has been cracked up real bad on account that I’d dropped it several times but surprisingly the iphone was still in good working order, just had to activate the touch assist! But what eventually got to it was the battery, just refused to charge. Now coming back from South Africa I was content with reminding myself that I was better off, but no smart phone and I feel like I’m back in the stone age! I’m waiting til the Samsung to come out… so a month with no twitter, instagram, 8tracks, the fancy or facebook on the go for this boy. Image


checked out Jurassic Lounge where the Australian Museum in Sydney opens its doors up after dark. Its one of my favourite places to walk between the skeletons and fossils and I was really hoping to have a chilled night. Which was so so, there was a silent disco on a corner of the top level, a flash dance waltz at 8 o’clock which really was me prancing around with a girl around others who were pretending to be polite. Image


a day off and I spent it in the city again, this time to check out yet another museum. the MCA, whilst I am not a fan of the new exterior the artwork provides some sort of consolation. the current artist on show is Anish Kapoor and most of his sculpture play with out sense of perception. Image


Got the chest mount for my GOPRO as a late birthday gift from my sister. Can’t wait to use it!Image


studying with these two always result in some ridiculous shenanigans. Being in a remodelled basement that used to be a sex dungeon did not help either. Image


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPIDER MAN! He grows up so fast, no blood relation just another family friend but I love just watching him run around and interacting with whatever is in his head. Half the time he jumps around as a secret ninja cross spiderman and makes up songs. It won’t be long til he’s in big school.


He’s been flying around for work, so its always good to have the old man home for a few days before he flies out again.