melting bunnies, Sharks on heads and chocolate by the beach. HAPPY EASTER Y’ALL!

by .Kenny.Khronicles.


If Fridays is Flashback Fridays I think my Monday’s are becoming see someone that you think you mean something in their life Mondays. Doesn’t roll of the tongue as well but hey it is what it is. This i must way was cuter and its astonishing to me as they had never been to Nando,s but that cherries been popped with some finger licken good chicken!


I grew to realise how much I loved just staring at the sky and watching clouds whilst I was in South Africa! I like to get lost in their amorphous shapes, and this evening its as though the clouds were waves in the ocean, can you see it or am i mad to think that?


how the emotions strike creativity.  This has happened to me on a number of occasions, call me a what you want but it is what it is.


I was meant to be finishing up an assignment but when your neighbours hyperactive kid comes over, you know that study time is over and its straight to the park and for silly photos in front of the camera.


Good Friday and doing the procession at Mt. Schoenstatt, its one of my favourite little chapels. From its location to the vines on the outside I love this place although when its busy I find the solemnity can get lost in the people swirling around and chatting between the hail mary’s and our fathers.


In light of the Easter festivities ( yes the pun in light was intended) my work had novelty shaped candles, but who would seriously have the heart ( or lack thereof) to burn this little fella! ? Well when he was slightly damaged we decided to see what the outcome would be! While I know its essentially a wax figure painted to represent a  bunny it was the saddest thing to watch him slowly melt away as if her were the evil witch from Oz!



EASTER SUNDAY! while the morning was spent studying, an evening picnic down at Balmoral was on the cards with a dear close friend of ours. This is the water as the sun went down, how cute are the clouds! i’ll do a full post on this day as It was extreme;y enjoyable


A VERY HAPPY EASTER ALL YOU BLOGGERRINOS! and again thanks for those that read this, be safe where ever you are