Not being a criminal means you get sent to uni on your weekend off at work.

by .Kenny.Khronicles.




and so the week begins and I’m still struggling without a smart phone. the convenience of snap, filter and upload is killing me! But anyway, its time for dinner and some dessert with a friend with whom I have a bti of history with. In fact half my life really. We ended up at N2 a gelato joint just where China Town meets Darling Harbour and not far from Dance God danceteria and they have a great markeing concept. Different gelato flavors made then and there in front of you in a lab inspired set up!


does the food in my life never end? I am always forever grateful for the creativity of people who can cook amazing spreads for no particular reason at all, one of those people being my mother. We’re both touch as nails and her stubbornness is most definitely a genetic trait in me. Despite all that she is always a wonderfully maternal ( as you would hope) cook!

mmmm seafood


FINALLY! I applied for this a while back as part of the DICP and after haggling with terrible customer service by the AFP I finally got them to get their shit together and send my criminal check out to me. I am no criminal yay! But honestly the long waiting times on the phone, the lack of warmth from their representative was annoying, not even a hi.


one of my memorable night outs was last year when I saw Les Mis live! but before, Parramatta had their lane ways events where the laneways were filled with little cafes, deck chairs, musicians on remodeled tram and at the end of the rainbow a pop up bar with cocktails in jam jars, whats cooler than that? Their business cards were on playing cards. yup my kind of evening. Oh the bar is called Grasshoppers and its in the city somewhere wedged between a few buildings, can’t remember where though, still have to visit it  again.


ok so this isn’t the orinal post I have for this day because it has my mother’s name and a few medical details I thought twice. basically she had day surgery and I went to see her in the evening after work, She’s doing just fine , still in a bit of pain but giver her her smart phone and facebook and she should be good. Addiction to smart phones and Facebook would be another genetic trait between her and I



what better way to spend your weekend off at work then to attend classes at university? I suppose thats’ what I get for doing an external unit. I shouldnt complain, some people in the class had come from interstate so I wasn’t really complaining. It was actually quite enjoyable and the uni wasn’t overrun with first years wearing hipster clother that made them look poor when in fact they had paid an arm and a leg for a singlet that looked worn and torn. downside, most of the food court was shut down


So after finishing today’s uni session ( YES BOTH SATURDAY AND SUNDAY) i jumped on a bus and went to attend Palm Sunday mass in Parramataa, last week of the Holy season.

Palm Sunday Processino in Parramatta

thanks again for reading, this week was fairly un eventful