When we’re old and grey and in the future these will be the good ol days!

by .Kenny.Khronicles.



APRIL FOOL’S + HAPPY EASTER MONDAY! public holiday and I struggled to complete an assignment but it had to done. its been done and dusted and now to eat dem chocolate eggs!





YAY my police check came in! so another step closer to Disney! And I can let the mouse boss know that I am no criminal





Another YAY! now today’s shot was supposed to be of sushi but my phone refused to co operate and so it instead became a shot of my favourite type of Easter egg! those filled with peppermint! its one of my favourite sweets! I NEED A SMART PHONE STAT!




pay day and new music… yes I still buy CDs what of it? actually I would have used iTunes if i had a reason to do so! But Josh Groban’s all that echoes is much lighter with regards to the emotional content of the album as opposed to illuminations. It still and OK album but i feel it just echoes the success of its predecessor  Love is just a 4 letter word on the other hand is is a great album! the lyrics I connect with and that s a big thing for me, so maybe I just need to listen to All that Echoes one few more times, it could be one of those things that grow on you. Image


Friday Night Fright Night is brought to you buy Daniel Radcliffe in the Woman in Black, a jumpy ass movie! but not as jumpy as my sister got when it finished and we watched River Monsters and they were in the Amazon and did a little feature on the giant bird eating spider. She was buried in her pink blanket curled up in a ball hands covering her eyes and peeking to see if they stopped showing the spider



HA! they didn’t think I would make it! But i did make it to an outing to the Bavarian Bier Cafe followed by dope ass games of pool at the Woolpack! I need chilled nights like this more often. Image



It was fate that led me to this magical night! like something out of Irish folklore. i had missed pre sale tickets and all that were left were nosebleed seats. then through the magic of Facebook someone was giving away tickets to the Script. Being only a few feet away as Danny spun and sung and drank on stage with the rest of the boys as I sang along to every song ( out of tune mind you and straight into the girls ear beside me)  I lost my voice, but it was worth it. To relive the heart ache of past relationships only to know that I was singing those blues away with The Script was insane! Totally dedicated another post separately to this. 


So I drowned memories I want to forget in uni, work and assignments, let it out in a concert where the bass ran through my bones and my ears wouldn’t stop ringing once I got home. It was worth it. Hope this week has been good to y’all 

much love