a week filled with composts + daisies.

by .Kenny.Khronicles.

a quarter of the way through the year.


paying for singing along (badly, might I add)  to the Script with a raspy voice. Working in retail where I have to constantly talk does not help either. So to help I’ve brought out my Tigger mug which has served me well ( and its is its first appearance in this year’s project!) . In its depths is earl grey, a dash of milk and a teaspoon of honey. Road to recovery but totally worth every second singing along to every song


It was the boss lady’s birthday yesterday, and in true to our early morning Tuesday traditions, we had out coffees but she got her flowers, little does she know I’ve organised more birthdays pressies throughout the week 🙂


Had a spectacular day today, with finalizing my uni subjects, roaming the inside of the Art Gallery of NSW and ending with advanced screenings to Warm bodies. Which to be completely honest I thought was a terrible concept for a movie. It deeply saddened me to see Nicholas Hoult do a movie that was clearly trying to attract that tween audience. these were my inital thoughts on the film. After seeing it? AMAZING! all i can say is… ‘bitches man’


good luck runs out eventually right? After what was a glorious day yesterday, today was everything but that, and its starts with  breaking your favourite pair of el cheapo rayban knock offs. Then its finding out about clashes between work and uni schedules. Then conlficts in friendships. then obstacles in apartment room mates for America. All this yes i complain about but I always remind myself on the positive. I have a job. I have opportunities. I now have sun in my eyes ( well this last one does get to me a little bit)


The dangers of workinng with candles. This particular one had apparently been too close under the a light globe and so had begun to melt because of the heat. When I took it down for a customer, well you can see what happened. Holding back the cuss words that wanted to escape my mouth was a challenge. Though it didn’t really hurt, more caught me by surprise.


the only way to spend a Saturday night! A study bender! I’ve begun mind mapping and collecting material for the short posts I’ll be writing for the internship I begin come this Monday!  Reliving memories is so good and yet so painful at the same time! I can still feel the south westerly wind that blows of an evening through Cape Town. Still feel the humidity of Malaysia and recall my nephews arms wrapped  around me in a hug as we welcomed in the new year!


What better way to end a Sunday after work with your sister surprising you with a chipmunk onesie. Appropriately so as it can potentially be a character I end up being whilst on the Disney International Program. I am ( read as was) onesies despite being well known for my love of costumes. I thought they were extremely immature, pointless and inconvenient if you needed to go t the bathroom. My veiws have then since changed, they are ridiculously comfortable and ideal for winter! Now it begs to ask the question do I need to bring this with me overseas???

can you believe that I’m actually on time with this?! clearly its a sign that I’m slacking in the uni studies. gotta get back to them

much love