Eat. Drink. Reset and go

by .Kenny.Khronicles.

So i tell myself that here comes another unrelenting hectic week. But I should know by now this is never the case.


So begins my internship and the company was lovely enough to stock us bloggers up with chocolates, energy drinks and stationary. They sure know my wants and needs.



You are more than welcome to judge me but hey I can’t help it if the market puts them on special! DON’T JUDGE til you’ve had this delicious chooclate and biscuit morsel! and the dark blue packet ( double coat) is my favourite! Anyhow they aren’t for me I’m sending them overseas to family so I’m a  good kid. whats your favourite tim tam? And if you haven’t had one then make it a priority!



nothing calms me down more than instant coffee with a dash of amarula! that delicious African liqueurs go down a treat after a tom fuckery day of work and hours waiting in an ER with terrible customer service.   Image


yet another long day of interviews and work. Its all getting to me. Britney shaves her head under stress. I just happen to throw on my necklaces from Africa. Its kind of my amulet against breaking down I suppose. Image


I called this a feast but we know that’s a lie, this was but a mini get together among family. you can see fish cocktails, tofu stir fry, noodles, chicken and eggs and rice. Oh and dessert was even better but I devoured it before I could even begin to snap away at it.



all dressed up an nowhere to go. I was supposed to go to the city for a birthday dinner but due to inclement weather, an indecisive personality and piling amounts of uni catch up I ended up at home wearing one of my favourite jackets. Image


endings the week with taking the sis and mama out for sushi and movies and Max B. The Croods was a great film! Although I did want a realistic ending but thats just a sign that I’ve grown up 😦


until next week lovers