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Month: June, 2015

Saint Titi, Patron Saint of Crew Members

On the Saturdays I have off in Miami, I like enjoying my time on land as it makes me feel like a regular human and less like the crew member that I am. One of the places that make me feel like home is on 16 NE 3rd Ave.  Owner Titi to me is a rough around the edges saint who truly enjoys managing his café Sedici’s. The interior of his café is a shrine made up of paraphernalia past crew members have brought as a thank you for his hospitality. I can spot a few goodies from down under.

Sedicis Interior.

                                Sedicis Interior.

Not only does Titi have a caring air about each patron especially crew members but did I mention that his food is the bomb! ‘The pancakes are like clouds’ direct quote from me as I munched on them with a tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

                They taste like clouds!

The wifi here is great as well and whilst the time difference is an inconvenience to skype back home, I can at least send an email. From this kangaroo bounding around Miami, thank you a Titi for you smile, service and pancakes; you are as I fondly call in my mind, the patron saint of crew members. If your ever breezing by Downtown Miami and need someone to lift your spirits head on over to Sedicis.


My Dear Omnomnivores : Gelateria Milano

Follow me down the laneway Omnoms

Follow me down the laneway Omnoms

I have always been extremely attracted to the Italian culture. While I’ve never been there I was immediately captivated by the culture after choosing to study it in high school. So you could imagine the omnomnivore in me roared when my eyes looked upon the tiffany blue and white striped outside of Gelateria Milano in Phillipsburg, St Maarten. There was simply no arguing with my sweet tooth. It was all too enticing, the vibrant colours of the fruit flavours sitting by the sweeter ones like rum and raisin and Nutella.

Alone time is way underrated

           Alone time is way underrated

What better way to treat oneself after a few hours soaking in the Carribean sun and water?

Marcos, was the first friendly face to greet me at the window.  He gave me a discount on my gelato after he realised I was crew. I tell you man, Italians just get me. This cute open air café has more to offer than just gelatos and smoothies. In the laneway lined with bright tropical ferns the owners of this establishment have created a small oasis aptly named the Hideaway

            look at the sta- branches

the shade of it all

                         the shade of it all

where you can lounge about under the shade of palm trees as sugar birds flit between bird feeders hanging from them. It’s a small escape away from the hordes of retirees and families that come to these islands.

Oh and just when it couldn’t get better here’s the pooch that’s always plodding around and after months of my Tuesday gelato she finally let me pet her.

You may call her Daphne.

            You may call her Daphne

Keep on munching my omnomns and much love,