Saint Titi, Patron Saint of Crew Members

by .Kenny.Khronicles.

On the Saturdays I have off in Miami, I like enjoying my time on land as it makes me feel like a regular human and less like the crew member that I am. One of the places that make me feel like home is on 16 NE 3rd Ave.  Owner Titi to me is a rough around the edges saint who truly enjoys managing his café Sedici’s. The interior of his café is a shrine made up of paraphernalia past crew members have brought as a thank you for his hospitality. I can spot a few goodies from down under.

Sedicis Interior.

                                Sedicis Interior.

Not only does Titi have a caring air about each patron especially crew members but did I mention that his food is the bomb! ‘The pancakes are like clouds’ direct quote from me as I munched on them with a tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

                They taste like clouds!

The wifi here is great as well and whilst the time difference is an inconvenience to skype back home, I can at least send an email. From this kangaroo bounding around Miami, thank you a Titi for you smile, service and pancakes; you are as I fondly call in my mind, the patron saint of crew members. If your ever breezing by Downtown Miami and need someone to lift your spirits head on over to Sedicis.