Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

I’m an old soul wrapped in the new age of wireless phones where a swipe to the right is basically a first date. There was a drive in theatre 20 minutes from where I grew up and every time we drove by it on the highway I would always try to guess what film was playing on field 2 by the few scenes that flickered through the trees.

So while on vacation my man says he’s never been to one EVER we do some research and he learn there’s a drive-in not too far(ish) from where he lives we resolve to make a date night out of it. Into the car goes the the Harry Potter blanket and pillows, we grab a bite a Chillis and being the 45 minute drive to Silver Moon Drive in Theatre.

Din dins for the win wins

Of course I drank

It’s in Lakeland and what is lacks in perfect pixie dust of Disney World it makes up in old school charm. Having opened in 1948 a quick glance suggests that the most that have changed is the fast food machinery in the quick service spot and the film projectors. The prices are old school as well! We paid $5 per person for a double feature, this particular evening our field was showing Antman and Inside Out

Maturity at its finest


Wheres Danny and Sandy making out?

What shines brighter than the projector in the Silver Moon Drive in is the customer service they
present. It’s nothing fancy but its genuine. They have a couple of guys help secure the trunk door so you don’t obscure the view of other people. The fact that they help jump start your car free of charge in case your battery dies. Believe me it happened to us.

simple charm …actually the hipstamatic app makes it prettier than it looks

Obligatory couple cuteness

The movies make drive in dates so simple. We were undecided on which row to park the car in and whether we should have the front or back of the car facing the screen. Does anyone out there have the perfect formula on how to comfortably watch in the drive in if you don’t have a Cadillac? We ended up simply reclining the front seats.

These simple memories are my favourite