Moles/beautyspots mean things apparently

My superstitious mother told me that the mole between my second and third toes on my right meant that I enjoy travelling. Now this is either true or has manifested itself as a self fulfilling prophecy. I’ve always enjoyed family camps especially the drives because I got to sleep a lot. Now that I’m older and I’ve striking out on my own I know that I love checking it an at airports, the nervous wait for your bag off the carousel and even the customs process.

I fell asleep when they read Little Red Riding Hood as a child, and personally I always though granny to be mad, who else isolates themselves in a forest like that? So yes I enjoy striking up conversations to people, I love hearing other people’s opinions, stories and perspectives on things. So don’t be afraid to comment on anything you read on this blog.

Like many ethnic families, food is central to me. I am willing to try anything and should there be any consequences… well its my fault now isn’t it? Any suggestions on meals that I should try and where do I have to go to try them?

I have more questions than answers in my head but then again who doesn’t? And when I try to write something I’ve been told its on another level. Still trying to figure out if that’s a good thing or not
Am I an alcoholic? I wouldn’t say so but if it’s a new beverage and if its free then yes why not have my 7th wine sample

Creativity in writing, fashion, photography and in the everyday life inspires and astounds me. I want to live the luxurious life but would happily walk around a small seaside town barefoot in nothing but a ratty old wife beater and pants from South America.

I want to grow uncomfortably, because that’s the only way I know I’m learning

I want to see the beauty in the ordinary and I want to see as much of the world as I can both as a tourist and as a local of the culture that I may be in. Maybe one day I’ll have someone whose willing to walk beside me

I’m tired of trying with women so I’ll be vulnerable on the internet. Should I move into the basement now as well?

I’ve never understood crying. That’s not to say I don’t know pain, but it seems when my mind runs at 100 miles per hour my reaction to a lot of things it’s to smile or grimace rather than cry.