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Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

I’m an old soul wrapped in the new age of wireless phones where a swipe to the right is basically a first date. There was a drive in theatre 20 minutes from where I grew up and every time we drove by it on the highway I would always try to guess what film was playing on field 2 by the few scenes that flickered through the trees.

So while on vacation my man says he’s never been to one EVER we do some research and he learn there’s a drive-in not too far(ish) from where he lives we resolve to make a date night out of it. Into the car goes the the Harry Potter blanket and pillows, we grab a bite a Chillis and being the 45 minute drive to Silver Moon Drive in Theatre.

Din dins for the win wins

Of course I drank

It’s in Lakeland and what is lacks in perfect pixie dust of Disney World it makes up in old school charm. Having opened in 1948 a quick glance suggests that the most that have changed is the fast food machinery in the quick service spot and the film projectors. The prices are old school as well! We paid $5 per person for a double feature, this particular evening our field was showing Antman and Inside Out

Maturity at its finest


Wheres Danny and Sandy making out?

What shines brighter than the projector in the Silver Moon Drive in is the customer service they
present. It’s nothing fancy but its genuine. They have a couple of guys help secure the trunk door so you don’t obscure the view of other people. The fact that they help jump start your car free of charge in case your battery dies. Believe me it happened to us.

simple charm …actually the hipstamatic app makes it prettier than it looks

Obligatory couple cuteness

The movies make drive in dates so simple. We were undecided on which row to park the car in and whether we should have the front or back of the car facing the screen. Does anyone out there have the perfect formula on how to comfortably watch in the drive in if you don’t have a Cadillac? We ended up simply reclining the front seats.

These simple memories are my favourite


Saint Titi, Patron Saint of Crew Members

On the Saturdays I have off in Miami, I like enjoying my time on land as it makes me feel like a regular human and less like the crew member that I am. One of the places that make me feel like home is on 16 NE 3rd Ave.  Owner Titi to me is a rough around the edges saint who truly enjoys managing his café Sedici’s. The interior of his café is a shrine made up of paraphernalia past crew members have brought as a thank you for his hospitality. I can spot a few goodies from down under.

Sedicis Interior.

                                Sedicis Interior.

Not only does Titi have a caring air about each patron especially crew members but did I mention that his food is the bomb! ‘The pancakes are like clouds’ direct quote from me as I munched on them with a tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

                They taste like clouds!

The wifi here is great as well and whilst the time difference is an inconvenience to skype back home, I can at least send an email. From this kangaroo bounding around Miami, thank you a Titi for you smile, service and pancakes; you are as I fondly call in my mind, the patron saint of crew members. If your ever breezing by Downtown Miami and need someone to lift your spirits head on over to Sedicis.

My Dear Omnomnivores : Gelateria Milano

Follow me down the laneway Omnoms

Follow me down the laneway Omnoms

I have always been extremely attracted to the Italian culture. While I’ve never been there I was immediately captivated by the culture after choosing to study it in high school. So you could imagine the omnomnivore in me roared when my eyes looked upon the tiffany blue and white striped outside of Gelateria Milano in Phillipsburg, St Maarten. There was simply no arguing with my sweet tooth. It was all too enticing, the vibrant colours of the fruit flavours sitting by the sweeter ones like rum and raisin and Nutella.

Alone time is way underrated

           Alone time is way underrated

What better way to treat oneself after a few hours soaking in the Carribean sun and water?

Marcos, was the first friendly face to greet me at the window.  He gave me a discount on my gelato after he realised I was crew. I tell you man, Italians just get me. This cute open air café has more to offer than just gelatos and smoothies. In the laneway lined with bright tropical ferns the owners of this establishment have created a small oasis aptly named the Hideaway

            look at the sta- branches

the shade of it all

                         the shade of it all

where you can lounge about under the shade of palm trees as sugar birds flit between bird feeders hanging from them. It’s a small escape away from the hordes of retirees and families that come to these islands.

Oh and just when it couldn’t get better here’s the pooch that’s always plodding around and after months of my Tuesday gelato she finally let me pet her.

You may call her Daphne.

            You may call her Daphne

Keep on munching my omnomns and much love,



Sure our personal devices help us create our own bubble to immerse ourselves in but I personally find gratification in bursting that bubble and watch others float in their own. Having recently come back from a year working at Disney World a majority of my office consisted of bright colours, permanent smiles and genuine hugs so it was a rude shock to come back to Sydney where wind, rain and grey were all in season.  I feel like an alien in my own home town, and I felt the best way to combat this alienation was to keep busy and apply to as many jobs as possible. I was grateful to come back to was a train system, despite being it now being called SydneyTrains and not CityRail and the introduction of an Opal Card system.  Despite living in the Western suburbs my train line is a straight shot into the city and I love that hour long train ride into the city. And that is where I love observing my fellow passengers.

I should have been focusing on the job interviews that I was headed to but my attention was drawn to a pair of elderly Asian ladies, I want to label them as Chinese. They have their white visors securely on their heads, thick track suit pants, tennis shoes and purple and grey jackets to warm themselves against the dreary weather we are having. They ambled to their seats and began chattering away.

With the multitude of languages that exist, a lot can be assumed by animated gestures and the tone of one’s laughter. I imagined these ladies dressed in elaborately embroidered fine silk robes discussing trade and politics. This daydream however is punctured by one word from their conversation I could understand. SKA-BA-RAH FEH.  I believe there is no equivalent in their language for Scarborough Fair and one lady attempts to hum the tune of the song.

My daydream shifts. They are still in their elegant robes, but this time one is telling of her sojourns into the West and about a melody that hypnotised her. I smile to myself at this fabrication that I’ve created; it’s probably riddled with anachronisms and suddenly the daydream shifts again. They are still in their robes amiably chatting away and one goes to sip her tea, her sleeves slip and on her dainty wrist sits a white gold diamond watch. Anachronisms, my daydreams are full of them.

Next Stop Central Station.

The two ladies get up, their oriental garments vanish and their back in their frumpy jacket and sweat pants.

First interview went…well, it went. I’m at Bondi and in the time between the end of winter and spring it’s a rare sight to see a bikini or board shorts clad body on this world famous stretch of sand. And today is no exception, there is no navel gazing today because Bondi is blustery so that you have to bend slightly if you’re walking against the wind. God speed to the young mother clad in under armour pushing her baby in a pram in this weather, its good resistance training but I don’t see that in my future anytime soon.

Isn’t it a wonder as to how our temperaments come to be? I jump on the bus (tap on) from Bondi station and the bus ride into the city yet again proves for fruitful in the exercise of people watching. Now its little people…. This bub can only be 1 and a half at best. He’s dressed in a onesie that’s splattered with the moon, shooting stars and planets. He may not have the ability to form sentences but he is sure knows the power of his voice. The bus begins to move and he starts to whine. His mother is cooing and telling him it’s ok. Space onesie baby is still unsatisfied and he lets the whole bus know. He’s getting louder. He stands in his pram. Oh boy he just got louder. Why don’t I just put my headphones in and retreat into my personal bubble now? But I persevere with my observations of mother and son…. Great now she’s threatening to leave him on the bus. Sure empty threats are going to work on an incoherent infant. My perseverance is rewarded, another mother has hopped onto the bus and her baby is the sun compared to Space baby.  This one is a girl; her cheeks are chubby and bright red. She’s chubby all over and stuffed into a bright blue park and completely silent.

My simple mind is fascinated.

On one hand before me is a child causing havoc with his mother not being able to calm him down while another simply sits in wide eyed silence at her surroundings. The romantic in me begins to wonder if 20 years from now I wide eyed girl falls for a loud mouthed young man whose completing his course that will one day make him an astronaut? Nicholas Sparks Novel what?!?

I get off at the stop opposite Hyde Park and just in front of Davis Jones with an hour to kill for before Interview number 2 and I know precisely where I’m going. The tea Centre with the wall behind the register crammed with tins of different kinds of tea. I sit upstairs surrounded by grey suits and dark skirts…. People really like matching the weather don’t they? I skype my heart 14 hours into the past for a little bit whilst I sip soup. He has to go back to work and my mind is left to its own devices.

I stare off into the space and a quote from the Mad Hatter written on a mirror by the stairs reminds me that magic can happen anywhere. Eight ladies walk up the stairs quietly chattering to themselves in Japanese. This I’m sure of as I catch familiar phrases of the language that my sister practiced over and over during high school. This has got to be worth the people watch! Women who come from a culture where having tea time is an intricate art form.  The waitress puts together 3 square tables together and explains what the soup of the day is. 8 blank semi confused faces stare back at her. An awkward turtle is left ambling away in the wake of this awkward interaction and as the waitress takes her leave the middle aged Japanese ladies begin to giggle and discuss the menu items. The waitress comes back, takes the orders and repeats who has what just to make sure. More Japanese chatter as she leaves.

A silence that resounds with reverence descends upon the group as the waitress appears at the top of the stairs carrying a tray of upturned teacups on matching coloured plates. They wait with bated breath; the waitress unceremoniously places a saucer and teacup before each lady and disappears to get their tea.  It’s subtle but there, the ladies lose an air of formality in their posture as they realise they aren’t in Japan anymore Pikachu. A language barrier appears before me and I can only assume what they are discussing by their gestures. The conversation turns to the labels stamped on the bottom of the cups.

I feel more comparisons are made to how their tea is being served, but I’ve got a manager to impress.  As I’m at the counter, the waitress begins to carefully climb the stairs this time lades with scones and hot tea.

These observations occurred in the span of 4 hours however a colourful imagination took me beyond the confines of a train and bus and into China and the future.  This was just a colourful account of what otherwise would have been a dreary day. So remember guys just because we can create our own little bubble or music and apps there is a great big world that exists in your mind and if you let that infiltrate your everyday you can make your day a little more exciting and bearable

Hello? Remember me?

Hi there blog world, so its kind of been a while since I’ve been here. Mainly because I couldn’t get back into my wordpress so then I tried resetting my password never got the email despite trying to reset it multiple times then learning all the password resets had been going to my junk mail. Idiot on my part!

I’m doing my best to try and breather life into this blog ( and potentially my youtube page) yes I have one. I suppose being unemployed and having post college program withdrawals may help with this. So let me try and revamp this blog and hopefully garner a following.  With that I bid you bonjour/adieu and leave you for the moment with this image of my favourite little mouse.


someone want to gift him to me pliz?

I’ll promise and try to stay this time. Theres a lot of catching up that we must do






and so begins a few weeks without my parentals around and so the surrogate family kicked into palce! I kept getting calls to come over for dinner and well who couldnt say no to people who love you like family?



making some adjustments to the hair.




A Vanilla and Cranberry candle from work kept me going whilst I studied.




more candles whilst studying. This time it was lychee and black tea.



oh TOLL it is I that was sorry I missed you




ITS HERE! I have the wold in my hand. well a samsung galaxy really.



studying just never ends.



honestly this week was fairly uneventful but her everyday is one to be greatful for.

much love K.K



catch up on Project 365

oh hi it has most definitely been a while since I’ve posted anything here. But time to get it dusted because I’ve got time to breathe!


so my sister got a mastercard and apparently an addiction to Threadless tees is genetic. She got me this cute tee titled group hug! its got 2 of my favourite things in it. food and puns! although the left side of the sandwich could lose the olive sticking out the back… me no likey dem olives.



Polvoron, a powdery biscuit/cookie thing from the Philippines. Kinda like the a bearable cinnamon challenge and extremly addictive. So to have it in different flavours had struck at my Achilles heel


24.4. 13

so I had walked past this bar in Wynard about a year ago and had always meant to go but just never had time… until now and it proved to be worth it!  shan’t say anymore but the Foxhole is a really chilled place!



at the going down of the sun and in the morning. We will remember them.




the tragic moment when the bracelet I bought in South Africa broke.





had a night filled with migoreng and vanilla ice cream.







There comes a moment when all the cable leads, battery chargers and power adaptors we have ever owned, gather together and assemble themselves around us and ask us the terrible question, “What has happened to your life?” – Michael Leunig.


Eat. Drink. Reset and go

So i tell myself that here comes another unrelenting hectic week. But I should know by now this is never the case.


So begins my internship and the company was lovely enough to stock us bloggers up with chocolates, energy drinks and stationary. They sure know my wants and needs.



You are more than welcome to judge me but hey I can’t help it if the market puts them on special! DON’T JUDGE til you’ve had this delicious chooclate and biscuit morsel! and the dark blue packet ( double coat) is my favourite! Anyhow they aren’t for me I’m sending them overseas to family so I’m a  good kid. whats your favourite tim tam? And if you haven’t had one then make it a priority!



nothing calms me down more than instant coffee with a dash of amarula! that delicious African liqueurs go down a treat after a tom fuckery day of work and hours waiting in an ER with terrible customer service.   Image


yet another long day of interviews and work. Its all getting to me. Britney shaves her head under stress. I just happen to throw on my necklaces from Africa. Its kind of my amulet against breaking down I suppose. Image


I called this a feast but we know that’s a lie, this was but a mini get together among family. you can see fish cocktails, tofu stir fry, noodles, chicken and eggs and rice. Oh and dessert was even better but I devoured it before I could even begin to snap away at it.



all dressed up an nowhere to go. I was supposed to go to the city for a birthday dinner but due to inclement weather, an indecisive personality and piling amounts of uni catch up I ended up at home wearing one of my favourite jackets. Image


endings the week with taking the sis and mama out for sushi and movies and Max B. The Croods was a great film! Although I did want a realistic ending but thats just a sign that I’ve grown up 😦


until next week lovers


Runway, Sidewalk, Perfume: Italian Summer

a week filled with composts + daisies.

a quarter of the way through the year.


paying for singing along (badly, might I add)  to the Script with a raspy voice. Working in retail where I have to constantly talk does not help either. So to help I’ve brought out my Tigger mug which has served me well ( and its is its first appearance in this year’s project!) . In its depths is earl grey, a dash of milk and a teaspoon of honey. Road to recovery but totally worth every second singing along to every song


It was the boss lady’s birthday yesterday, and in true to our early morning Tuesday traditions, we had out coffees but she got her flowers, little does she know I’ve organised more birthdays pressies throughout the week 🙂


Had a spectacular day today, with finalizing my uni subjects, roaming the inside of the Art Gallery of NSW and ending with advanced screenings to Warm bodies. Which to be completely honest I thought was a terrible concept for a movie. It deeply saddened me to see Nicholas Hoult do a movie that was clearly trying to attract that tween audience. these were my inital thoughts on the film. After seeing it? AMAZING! all i can say is… ‘bitches man’


good luck runs out eventually right? After what was a glorious day yesterday, today was everything but that, and its starts with  breaking your favourite pair of el cheapo rayban knock offs. Then its finding out about clashes between work and uni schedules. Then conlficts in friendships. then obstacles in apartment room mates for America. All this yes i complain about but I always remind myself on the positive. I have a job. I have opportunities. I now have sun in my eyes ( well this last one does get to me a little bit)


The dangers of workinng with candles. This particular one had apparently been too close under the a light globe and so had begun to melt because of the heat. When I took it down for a customer, well you can see what happened. Holding back the cuss words that wanted to escape my mouth was a challenge. Though it didn’t really hurt, more caught me by surprise.


the only way to spend a Saturday night! A study bender! I’ve begun mind mapping and collecting material for the short posts I’ll be writing for the internship I begin come this Monday!  Reliving memories is so good and yet so painful at the same time! I can still feel the south westerly wind that blows of an evening through Cape Town. Still feel the humidity of Malaysia and recall my nephews arms wrapped  around me in a hug as we welcomed in the new year!


What better way to end a Sunday after work with your sister surprising you with a chipmunk onesie. Appropriately so as it can potentially be a character I end up being whilst on the Disney International Program. I am ( read as was) onesies despite being well known for my love of costumes. I thought they were extremely immature, pointless and inconvenient if you needed to go t the bathroom. My veiws have then since changed, they are ridiculously comfortable and ideal for winter! Now it begs to ask the question do I need to bring this with me overseas???

can you believe that I’m actually on time with this?! clearly its a sign that I’m slacking in the uni studies. gotta get back to them

much love